Send Your Customers on Vacation!
The Highest Compensation
Never miss out on a sale

Join any of AffinityTrip's programs and you can start making money in one of the fastest growing segments on the web! We have relationships with preferred industry suppliers and receive top-level commission rates, ensuring you the highest compensation available.

AffinityTrip offers payouts 25 to 50% larger than most competitors, and tracks phone bookings as well as online transactions. Unlike other programs, we do not rely upon the "promo code" method of capturing phone reservations. Instead, a 120-day cookie is issued to the customer, who is directed back online for authorization after consulting with an agent via the telephone.

At AffinityTrip, we understand that buying travel is not like buying widgets- it's a considered purchase! Almost 60% of clients will call in before deciding to book. That's why we rely on cutting-edge technology that can track your customer for up to 4 months after visiting your site. So because all clients end up booking online, you never miss out on a sale.